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Platelet-to-lymphocyte ratio and mean platelet volume- to-platelet count ratio for predicting mortality in critical COVID-19 patients
Introduction: Defining the markers that can be used in clinical practice for predicting the mortality of critical patients will be cautionary for taking necessary measures in high-risk cases. Although there are a large number of studies conducted during the pandemic, no mortality marker to predict the prognosis of intensive care unit (ICU) patients with COVID-19 has yet been defined. Platelet indices can be easily evaluated with a complete blood count (CBC) analysis, one of the most accessible tests worldwide. This study aimed to evaluate the role of platelet indices such as mean platelet volume (MPV), platelet distribution width (PDW), plateletcrit (PCT), platelet-to-lymphocyte ratio (PLR), and MPV-to-platelet count ratio (MPV/PLT) in predicting the mortality of ICU patients with COVID-19. Material and Method: This single-center, retrospective, cross-sectional study included 201 critical COVID-19 patients over 18 years of age who were hospitalized in ICU between August 2020 and February 2021. Patients were divided into two groups as survivors and non-survivors. The relationship of MPV , PDW , PCT , PLR, and MPV/PLT parameters evaluated at ICU admission with mortality was investigated. Results: There was no significant difference between the survivor and non-survivor groups in terms of platelet count, MPV , PCT, and PDW . The comparison of the platelet ratios revealed higher PLR and MPV/PLT ratio in the non-survivor group than in the survivor group (p<0.05). The cut-off value of PLR for predicting mortality was found to be 292.20 (AUC: 0.601 [95% CI 0.522-0.681]) (p<0.05), while the cut-off of MPV/PLT was found to be 0.0289 (AUC: 0.590 [95% CI 0.510-0.671]) (p<0.05). Conclusion: The results of this study demonstrated PLR and MPV/PLT ratio were associated with mortality. The use of ratios such as MPV/PLT and PLR as an early prognostic indicator instead of platelet indices alone, like MPV in ICU patients with COVID-19, may help identify high-risk patients early.

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